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When you give, you help bring to life your vision of improving river health and safeguarding your community’s most essential resource: water. A gift to protect your rivers helps to secure a vibrant future for all.

Some employers participate in matching programs, increasing the impact of each gift. Search for an employer.


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Your tax-deductible donation can be made by check.

Checks can be mailed to:
Eagle River Coalition
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Gypsum, CO 81637

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Curious about giving a type of gift not listed here? Looking for a tax receipt? Want to learn about the impact of your giving?

Please reach out with questions to Melanie Smith, development director.

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Give a Memorial Gift

Flowing crystal waters, the presence of wildlife, flourishing riverbanks – the soothing relief that can be experienced near moving waters is a source of peace for many following the loss of a loved one.

Reach out to learn more about setting up a specific fund, or you can designate your gift as a memorial donation, whether given online or via check.


A contribution to Eagle River Coalition honors your loved one by protecting the waterways of this alpine valley. Our mission of restoring the healthy, vibrant waterways and banks of our watershed means that we enable our fish and aquatic wildlife to thrive, that the locals and visitors can enjoy the landscapes and flows to be found here, and that our communities can come together and enjoy the adventures to be had in this beautiful place.

Land & Rivers Fund

The Land & Rivers Fund is a collaborative program of Eagle Valley Land Trust and Eagle River Coalition. Businesses that enroll promote the program to their customers, who voluntarily participate by making an optional, small donation with their purchase.


Funds collected help promote and restore healthy rivers, clean water, conscientious development, preservation of open space, wildlife and fish habitat, agriculture, water rights and economic diversity throughout the valley.

By supporting these businesses, you not only benefit the local economy, but you also have the opportunity to support the work being done by the Eagle Valley Land Trust and the Eagle River Coalition.

Purchase a Watershed Map

This 30″ x 42″ map highlights the rivers, streams and high alpine lakes that make up the beautiful Eagle River Watershed.

These art-quality maps make great gifts for river enthusiasts of all types.

  • Paper map: $60
  • Laminated map: $72
  • Laminated & mounted map: $185
  • Framed map: $250

Call (970) 827-5406 or email us to purchase a map.

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Eagle Valley Wild

Eagle Valley Wild is a nonprofit enterprise that provides professional photographic services to conservation organizations and initiatives in Eagle County, Colorado. 

Simultaneously, the project educates and inspires locals and visitors with compelling content that fosters awareness, appreciation and protection of Eagle County’s land, water and wildlife.

We at Eagle River Coalition are exceedingly grateful to Eagle Valley Wild for providing access to inspiring and vibrant images at no cost to us.