Weeds are a part of our watershed, whether we like them or not. Some weeds are a nuisance, but some are more harmful than others. Here in Eagle County, there are 35 plants on the noxious weeds list. Noxious weeds pose a threat to agriculture, recreation, wildlife, property or public health.

These plants are often prolific, changing the landscapes around them into a monoculture and driving out native species, including wildlife. According to the Colorado Noxious Weeds Act, action must be taken to control noxious weed species on both public and private land within the state.

This may seem daunting, but there are numerous resources available to help identify these invasive species and provide support for successful eradication. In addition, many resources also educate on how the removal of noxious weeds protects the plants that are native to the High Rockies.

Eagle County Government offers resources for the community, including education, site visits (should you have a property of concern) and other resources. Visit eaglecounty.us/weeds for more.

For a complete list of noxious weeds in Colorado and for more information on the Colorado Noxious Weeds Act, click here.